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Friday, April 30, 2010

Have You Heard of OMG Facts?

If you're an internet junkie like me, eventually you will hear about OMG Facts which started out as a Twitter account disseminating little known and interesting facts on the network. Now they've also set up a website and recently started a YouTube channel.

So just like the blob fish in my previous post, there are a lot of interesting things out there that we're simply unaware of. At the time of posting this there are 8 videos already uploaded on their channel. Below is a pretty awesome fact they've dug up from way back when:

"Voted #1 April Fools Prank in History" from OMG Facts YouTube channel

The way that BBC did the prank was definitely epic. But then again, at that time, it was pretty easy to fool people. I suppose audiences were more gullible then, huh?

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