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Thursday, February 26, 2009

back to normal...

woohoo.. looks like streamyx is up and running and fast as usual now. glad the broadband nightmare is finally over and everything is back to normal.

ah... time, where forth art thou, time? aren't we just always in a state of not having enough time. or maybe we just have too much to do for our own good? haha. anyways, i'm still trying to squeeze in time here and there to accommodate all the things that i need to do. time for myself, family, friends and work.

and i'm still trying to find new ways to generate more income. gotta figure out how to get to be financially independent. i mean let's get serious. you'd be lying if you said that money is not that important. costs are going up, even basic necessities like eating is getting more and more expensive. i'd like to be able to buy a house and not have to finance it for the rest of my living years. real estate property is getting really pricey these days. what costs rm200k a few years back might cost more than half a mil today. so that's a big jump and i doubt wages get that big a jump. so there's really a disproportionate scenario going on here. car i already own *which i'll be paying for the another 8 years* so i'd really like to be able to get a home for myself of my choice. truth be told i am a city girl. so you can imagine how much higher the standard of living are for city folks. haha. so yes, my dream house *not that i've found it yet* is gonna cost me an arm an a leg for probably the rest of my adult life. *sigh*

it's amazing to look at people with so much money, they actually help the real estate economy by jacking up the prices. i've noticed that a lot of people buy property *and i mean just snap up property* like nobody's business and before or as soon as the development is complete, they'll sell it off and make another rm30k-50k *if not more* off it. so as these funny people get richer, you end up with a bigger hole in your pocket. *mucho bummer*

but we can't really be all obsessed about money now can we? even though money does make the world go round in today's world *and many more years to come*, there is a bad side to money. money, or rather the obsession and desire for it can make people go crazy, literally! some people rob, steal, extort, blackmail, kill, manipulate, marry, sell their bodies/wife/children, kidnap, lie, backstab, etc just for the sake of money. in fact, money can even make people take their own life. the world is a sad twisted place to live in if you think about it. but the thing about an obsession is, you can never get enough of it. say for instance in this case, if your world revolves around the every essence of money, it doesn't matter how much you have, even if you have a multimillion dollar account, you'd still crave for more. it may start out to be a noble effort *like in the movie 21* but then what with the adrenaline rush that comes with all this excitement at getting money, especially if it's not that hard *fast cash*. thus why robbers keep robbing *with increasing danger i might add* and kidnappers keep kidnapping.

sometimes i find it mind boggling at how creative and smart these people are at tricking or extorting people for the sake of money and yet not be able to make an honest living themselves. is because of the employment system? or judicial system? or bureacracy? i don't know. but it really amazes me. take for instance cable thieves. sesb and telco staffs and contractors have to undergo training and fulfill safety requirements to handle these cables and other equipment and yet thieves have no training whatsoever and they get away unscathed? *say what?* it's scary how law breakers have this insane brain that churns out ideas to reap benefits of what other sow. amazing, simply amazing.

haha. this was actually supposed to be a short post about streamyx back to its normal speed and look where it's taken me?

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