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Sunday, February 22, 2009

anticipation and ideas...

although we do have digital cameras *yes, plural.. thanks to my gadget addiction* at home including my last purchase -- sony cybershot t20 -- a year or two ago, i've decided to get myself a camera to call my own *again*. haha. my mum borrowed the t20 during her trip to perth last year and loved the huge lcd display screen. so the camera is now hers. in a way it was another chance for me to satisfy my gadget shopping hunger so after much contemplation and consideration, i'd originally set my eyes on the canon ixus 860 is which had an even bigger lcd screen. haha. i'm a sucker for the huge screens as well. but after having seen and held the camera in real life, it just didn't click with me.

coincidentally nyn had just gotten herself a canon ixus 80 is in pink. so while checking out the 860, i had a look see of the 80 as well. now i liked the fact that the 80 comes in 5 different colours *yay! choices!!* and well, the design was pretty simply and clean cut. size-wise it wasn't too big either and the feel of the camera was good enough for me. so i continued to weigh my options and read up on reviews online *ahem.. research* and still couldn't shake the 80 out of my head. it's cute that it has a viewfinder as well *just like the konica minolta x50 we have at home* which could be fun to use at times *aahh.. flashback to the days when all cameras needed viewfinders*.
so at the end of it all, i've made up my mind and went for the ixus 80 is after all. it is after all a cheaper choice and yet practical and serves my needs for the camera which is all i can ask for really. well, originally i'd wanted to get one in camel colour. but luck has it was contacted by the seller informing me that they only had it in silver *nooooo!!!!*, blue *in a shade i'd get bored of easily.. we wouldn't want that now would we?!?* and pink *my 2nd choice*.

now i sit here in anticipation for the arrival of my brand new camera which i expect to arrive next week. excited. with the camera in hand, i can get started on my work-in-progress projects. *beams*

so many ideas yet so little time and resources. especially since i do have a full time job and my ideas requires quite a significant amount of my time. but as soon as it's ready, i'll let you guys know. ooo... so much to do. i've already hinted on the first project in a previous post and the second, well, it has something to do with this year's resolution. *smiles*

on another note, the fossil watch i've been saving up for has already been sold. was so disappointed to go to the store and the watch not being displayed anymore. *sob sob* and i was really looking forward to getting it. i'm planning to head up to kl early march so hopefully i can find the watch there *crosses fingers*.

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