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Thursday, February 5, 2009

bali here we come?!?

now my girls and i are dying to go on another vacation together and we might be settling with bali for the very idea of relaxing in a foreign country (cuti-cuti... indonesia?!?) as all of them are aware, i'm quite the shopaholic (albeit on a budget... gggrrr...) so my babe girl was a bit wary of the suggestion at first. considering i'll be in bandung in july anyways, a not so shopping centred trip won't be such a bad idea *girl gasping in shock* to me (at this particular point in time). hehe.
here are some random bali-related stuff that i've stumbled on:

bamboo legian bed & breakfast
internet rates ranging from usd26 (~rm94.80) nett to usd39 (~rm142.20) nett per room per night (rooms: twin, double, triple with or without ensuite bathroom).
located 10mins from airport and 500m to kuta beach.

from what i've read so far on the net, it seems that kuta is the place to be. here's an excerpt from

Kuta Region : Bali Kuta is the most happening tourism spot area among the rest region. The Sunset in Kuta is very breathtaking. Accommodations in Kuta range from a modest homestay for a few dollars a night to luxurious, five-star, international hotels costing several hundred to several thousand dollars a night. You will easily to find interesting places around Kuta such as shopping center, pubs & bars, restaurants, theme parks, budget hotels and many others. Best place for active travelers.
night life & beaches
the night life in bali is also centred in the kuta/seminyak areas so that should also be interesting with no cover charge too! haha. just a thought. *wink* ahh... and don't forget the beaches too (or specifically kuta beach -- ahem). wonder if i'll be bikini ready by then. haha. doubtful. extremely doubtful. lol!

shopping & spa
i've read that kuta houses a lot of funky clothing (beach inspired i reckon) but they don't quite cater for bigger sizes. am i that big? *note to self: exercise! exercise! diet! diet!* for handicrafts and such, generally the ubud region is the place to head over to apparently. but north of kuta there's a 4-floor warehoused type handicraft place called geneva handicraft centre at kerobokan. quality-wise it's obviously not high end but is supposedly cheap. hmmm.. spas? they're pretty scattered everywhere in the different regions. i wonder if it's worth checking out with the escalating prices in bali itself over the years. haha. who knows?!?

other activities
ok so i managed to slip in a bit of shopping into the trip idea (haha. can you blame me?!?). on a cultural note, we could have a look see at the kecak and barong dance performances. and there are the trips to see active volcanoes *cough-sulphur-cough*, water sports, something for the adrenaline junkie *squirms at thought of being shot 52m in the air in a sec with the 'slingshot' at adrenalin park -- yikes!!*, temple hopping *choke* i mean visiting, and a whole lot more. due to my never-ending list of things i fear, nature excursions aren't really my thing. lol!! which goes to show why i haven't talked about the wonders of nature in my post (or any other posts so far for that matter). don't get me wrong, i'm no anti-nature or anything. it's just a phobia thing which i can't exactly explain and i don't think i quite comprehend either. haha. i'm weird.

with so many things that can be done there, will there even be enough time?!? haha. so girls, how goes the plans?!?


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  2. so excited! i can't wait for the trip to happen! Btw, i will also check with a friend of mine...she's an indo and stays in bali. Maybe she could help us get good place and plus we have a tour guide in hand! Heheheh

  3. Bali Hotel: Thanks for the tip.

    Shima: That'll be awesome babe. Let's do our research and start with the planning. Haha. AirAsia is launching another sale tomorrow!

  4. i'm surprised!! surprised!!

    u did some homework here..

    btw, when is the most suitable time to go? i really need to save up now!!

  5. bandung or bali?????

    my other friends just sms and invited me to join the trip to bandung this nov! fly with air asia with only RM70 return flight.

  6. haha. i'm heading down to bandung this july babe. *ahem* i thought you were the one who didn't want the trip to be about shopping. LOL!!!! nyn says jakarta is cool. airasia and mas are both on promo now if you guys wanna snap up cheap seats.