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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the wait is over... but still riled up..

*yes!!!!* my camera arrived today. sooo happy!! cute, simple and practical. just the way i like it. i haven't quite test drived it yet... or rather test shoot it. got back late from work today so this was a pleasant surprise. and i did tinker around with it just a teensy bit snapping away with the 32MB card that came in the box. i haven't taken the 2GB card out from the package yet.

as much as i am uber excited with my new toy, i'm still incredibly annoyed at my streamyx connection quality that's been killing my patience these past few days. the worse thing is not knowing why the darn thing is in snail speed! *ggrrrr* funny though it's fast as usual when i'm checking out some sites and crawling when viewing others. yesterday i tried opening tmnet's website and can you believe it?!?! it just went to an error page and won't open. was hoping to get some kind of explaination to why the connection isn't what it usually is. but there goes that hope. haha!! or maybe i missed the service interruption notice in the papers. *hhmmm* maybe.

don't you just hate it at work when someone who just joined the team and supposedly asks you for help to catch up on how things work, process flows, etc and then tries hitting on you?!?!? i do. you see, as much as i'm a team player and always willing to lend a hand whereever i can, i really don't like it when someone just doesn't even have the decency to get to know you and just because you're a girl/lady/woman whatever and they just start distastefully flirting with you. and to think that some of the things that i've been asked to teach or explain are in fact things that he should know in the first place. how the heck does one become and engineer in this field without knowing the difference between a monopole and an aesthetic monopole?!?!? i mean that's not even the techie part yet. seriously, i doubt that one can be well versed in the technical aspects and not know. and i'm pretty sure all of us have internet connections in the office *duh!* and there's this awesome thing called googling (read: Google). hel-lo!! the best part of it all is, the other day he was "updating" his list to update our project manager and he made it look like he did this thing we call 'request to share' in the system when in fact i was the one who did. what a prick!! i mean, we had a meeting all of us and identified some of the items to be done and stuff. so after the meeting he seemed like he was actually doing his part with the registration in the system and requesting. me being me, i double checked on the requesting part *you can't really check on the registering in such a short timeframe* and he did NONE. i'd even forwarded the list to him on which ones needed action. and yes, i repeat, he did NONE. it was something i'd used to do prior to him joining the team so i just went on and did it again. after all, it's not my fault he's slow.

ok. enough ranting cos it's not even worth it. *haha* back to the original purpose of this post -- my ixus -- i'm just so excited that i can now start with my 1st project. the background work is pretty much all set up already. so now i'm just preparing for the launch. haha. nothing fancy really. but it's still my baby. *wink* and i seriously can't wait! so watch out for trove by elixelle cos it'll be up real soon. *hugs*


  1. Babe...did u buy the camera online? im really looking for one too...Is it better to buy online? grrrr...i wanna i wanna....i really love the brown coloured sony one....n the brown coloured laptop too...but all are in my wish

  2. Haha. Yea babe. I bought my camera online. I don't know if it's better to buy online but it is cheaper. You just have to be more cautious and buy from a seller with good reputation. Read the buyer feedback on the seller. That helps gauge how reliable the seller is. Haha. I'd really like to get a VAIO too. *note to self: add to wish list* LOL!

  3. new team member eh...
    send him down to my office.. i will teach him a thing or two about monopole.. i might do you a favour and hang him on one if you like...

  4. haha.. seems like ppl are more familiar wit d term monopole tree rather than aesthetic monopole.. haha.. i mean, i tot every1 knew.. haha.. silly me...

  5. there is a difference between aesthetic monopole and a monopole tree... i shall not bore you with the technical details... send him over and i will give him a lesson or two...

  6. haha. bt here it seems the 2 are generally associated prolly in a more visual sense. :) bt i must say there are quite a number of variations of the tree itself.