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Monday, February 16, 2009

price tags...

there must be something wrong with the watson's outlets in kk. seriously. for instance during lunch break i went to the centre point outlet to buy some deo (i like to keep extras at home) and glanced at the price indicated. rm11.50. so went to the cashier and stood in line. first thing that annoyed me was after serving the lady in front of me, without informing me, the girl just stepped over to the other counter to help out the other cashier. *dumbfounded* bewildered if you may, i looked on as she proceeded to help serve another lady after that (who by the way, lined up after me). so i took an annoyed look at her (and she noticed timidly) and lined up at the counter she was assisting at.

if that wasn't annoying enough, when they scanned the deo, it showed up as rm12.05 instead.

me: isn't the price rm11.50?
*cashier keeps punching the cash register then looks at
me like she wants to say "can't you see the register says

cashier: rm12.05.
me: *still annoyed* you're price tag over there
is wrong then.
*cashier stares at me while i take my wallet out of my
bag to hand her the cash*

cashier: do you have 5 sen?
me: lemme check.
*hands the dumb cashier 5 sen*
cashier: thank you.
*hands me the plastic bag and turns around to continue
her chit-chat with her colleagues*

me (thinking): isn't she gonna do anyting about the wrong price

so you see. not only was the price wrongly tagged, the staff are ignorant and too lazy to care as well. and to think this wasn't the first time i've come across a pricing error like this in one of their outlets here. don't get me wrong, i love watson's. but they've seriously got to get their staff to be more aware of these things and have better interpersonal skills. whatever happened to quality control?


  1. Tell you what you can do... make a formal complain, usually, shops are compelled to charge the lower price if there is a case like this. But then again for 15 sens, people seldom go thru the hassle of doing so....

    just my 15 sen thought ... *wink*

  2. LOL!! It's more like you're 65sen thought. But yea. I've tried it before and got the lower price. But you know, sometimes they do truy to wiggle their way out of it and say stuff like that was the previous promo or something like that. Which is besides the point cos they should've change the price tags in the first place. It's not like items are individually priced or anything anyway. They have this huge tag at the shelves for it. So I just don't see how prev promo prices should still be sticking around. LOL!!! I wasn't in the mood to get all worked up at the outlet for my 65sen. LOL!!