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Sunday, February 8, 2009


as a child i've always watched a lot of tv. if you're an 80s kid, then you must remember cartoons like he-man and the masters of the universe, she-ra, jem and the holograms, transformers, woody woodpecker, smurfs, teenage mutant ninja turtle and more. another one of the many cartoon series i used to watch was of course, pink panther -- albeit a rather mute pink panther those days.

so today, after a filling lunch at dream food in palm square (yummy dory nizakana with garlic rice) with the whole family, we went to watch the pink panther 2 at 2.55pm.
when the first pink panther movie came out, my stomach hurt from laughing so much just watching the trailer on tv. so you can imagine my anticipation to watch the movie itself. needless to say, i found it as hilarious as the trailer if not more.

second time around i didn't get to see the trailer. in fact, i didn't even realize it was already in cinemas. *shocked* anyways, the entire audience in hall 6 was laughing out loud throughout the whole movie. despite his obvious stupidity (or so it seems), inspector jacques clouseau is an extremely entertaining officer/detective with unorthodox methods of deduction. ponton has a much less prominent presence in this sequel compared to its predecessor however but is still an important character in the movie. andy garcia, alfred molina, aishwarya rai bachchan and the lesser known yuki matsuzaki work well together forming the rest of the "dream team". it is interesting to see how clouseau's alternative point of view and outrageously funny antics actually helps solve the whole puzzle at the end of the day. watch the movie. you'll not regret it.

on another note, bit3lips was on again this weekend with their 'sawan 4 fashion extended' garage sale. i couldn't make it yesterday and after a long day today could only make it there around 8pm or so. being in the xl size range at the moment, most of the stuff that i was interested in were either a size s or m. stumbled on a few pieces from my own collection as well. lol! after browsing through the goods, i bought a simple giordano pink floral button-down shirt short sleeve shirt to wear casually. it's not my usual size (it's an l) but i figured if it's a bit tight, i could always take out all the darts to make it a straight cut shirt. haha!!

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