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Monday, April 26, 2010

Apple Love, OS 4.0, MacBook Pro...

So I was innocently browsing the Apple website recently to check out if there was more info on the upcoming OS 4.0 for the iPhone and iPod Touch and was delighted to find a whole video on the keynote delivered to app developers available on the OS 4.0 info page. *yay!*

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I love watching Apple keynote videos. They're just so interesting and captivating. I love how the speakers/presenters (in this case Steve and Scott) have this cool and calm humour attached to their fluid presentations. Now how do I learn to present like that?!?!?!

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So OS 4.0 will be coming our way this summer (circa June-July-August) and I, for one, can't wait! The new OS comes with 100+ new features including the exciting 7 tentpoles presented during the keynote. I'm really excited about a couple features really and those are Multitasking & Folders.

I like the idea of multitasking simply because every time I read my tweets and someone calls, after ending the call, the page goes right back to the top and I have to scroll down to find where I left off. Incredibly annoying to the point that I wish people won't call me. *haha* So with multitasking, the app gets saved into the background and once my call ends I assume it means that I can pick up exactly where I left of on my Echofon. Same goes for when I'm watching YouTube videos on my phone, I have to quit the app to answer a call or if I suddenly have to attend to a text message. So that's something I'm looking forward to. Plus, you can continue to stream music even when you exit an app cos it's running in the background. How cool is that. No more being stuck in an app just to listen to a song. Woohoo!

Another cool new feature *IMO* is the ability to create folders. I love how easy it is to create folders (drag & drop!!!) on the screens and being an organizing freak, this feature is a dream! I use to categorize my apps on different pages for each different categories (i.e. Games, Camera/Photo apps, Fitness & Health apps, etc). The new interface for folders looks awesome as well.

They are also enhancing the mail feature with unified mailboxes, the ability to have 2 MS Exchange accounts and (love!) message threading. Message threading will absolutely make it easier to follow the entire thread of events leading to the latest e-mail. It's kinda like GMail in a sense. Which means that it would work so much better with GMail since that feature to me is one of the reasons I love using GMail in the first place.

They're also implementing iBookstore (from iPad) in the upcoming release. This is excellent for all the readers out there. Directly purchase e-books (or iBooks) from the store and read it instantaneously. I might not even need to go buy physical books anymore to satisfy my reading urges. And it syncs with the iPad version if you own both gadgets.

Honestly, even the iAd idea looks super cool. (And they were only using mock ads for the demo!) Apple designs are simply genius!! I don't care if they're super secretive or egoistic, the devices are top of the line excellent. Plus, the new OS allows users to change the home screen background too!

To my excitement, the new MacBook Pros are out as well! *floating*

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I've been meaning to get my hands on the 13" model for a while now ever since getting my iPhone. Apple is so addictive. Especially for someone who appreciates awesome gadgets and devices like me. I love computers and gadgets. *Can you tell?* The gorgeous aluminium unibody enclosure, simple keyboard and sleek yet elegant design, I'm in love.

The new 13" has an estimated battery life of 10 hours (eat your heart out Timeline) with adaptive charging technologies and should have a life span of about 5 years. Mac computers have always been well known for their graphic quality and with the latest NVIDIA graphic drivers (320M on 13" and 330M on 15" & 17") the display output for photos and videos is incredible! Of course the LED backlit displays works wonders complemented by the driver. Isn't the illuminated keyboard just genius? I know it's a bad habit, but I like using my laptops in the dark. Fortunately I'm pretty good with typing without looking at the keyboard (been using computers since the DOS era or was it Mackintosh) so despite dim lighting (or no lights) I can still type decently. Haha. And of course the no button multi-touch trackpad (introduce in last year's model).

My only disappointment with the 2010 model is it still runs on Intel Core 2 Duo instead of the i3 (or i5 I don't mind *wink*) where as the 15" & 17" both now runs on i5 & i7 respectively. But then again, 2.66GHz on 4GB DDR3 RAM, 320GB HDD (can be upgraded to SSDs from RM900+ onwards) is pretty decent. So I'm likely to not wait for them to get it up to i3 before buying it. And it supports up to WiFi 802.11n which means I won't be fighting for the WiFi at home since everyone else is using the 802.11g protocol. Woohoo!! Anyways, I won't be doing any heavy video rendering with Final Cut Pro or crazy photo editing with Aperture (just watched some vids on the Apple website and I sooo want this software) or anything like that. I'm not even an avid gamer (plus there's the Wii & XBox for that). The 13" is so perfect for me.

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So why do I want a MacBook Pro so bad? Besides the simple yet powerful interface which is in line with my personality oddly enough, I am dying to use the iLife suite that comes pre-installed. I can make my own tracks with GarageBand, edit videos with iMovie (OMG this piece of software is AMAZING!) and play around with iWeb (though not compatible with Blogger. :( ) which answers my many questions on how a lot of sites seem to look so chic effortlessly. The clear difference between WMM (Windows Movie Maker) and iMovie is how easy it is to just take parts of a video recording and drop it in the timeline. So easy. Putting picture in picture (or video in video) - not available in WMM - , titles and subtitles are nice and adding music is simple. In WMM, I have to keep splitting the video to edit out all the parts that needed to be omitted from the final product and the titles and subtitles can be a chore.

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Now do I want to opt in and buy iWork too? MS Office is RM500+ while the iWork suite is about half that. I'd download OpenOffice but I just don't like their interface somehow. Haha.

Question of the day: To iWork or not to iWork. LOL!

All images used for this post are from the Apple website. I do not own these images and do not claim to own them.  I am not affiliated/associated with Apple nor am I receiving any form of compensation for using the images and discussing Apple products in this post. All comments are of my own thoughts and opinions. Images are used for display and illustration purposes only.

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