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Sunday, April 11, 2010

lin yu chun... taiwanese idol?

Recently I was lazing on the couch watching E! shows (Giuliana & Bill, E! News, Daily 10, Keeping Up With The Kardashians) and they showed a snippet of this kid singing a Whitney Houston song. Sure, a lot of people sings her songs. But this was a guy named Lin Yu Chun on a Taiwanese show called Superstar Avenue (kinda like American Idol) who sounded amazing!

Lin Yu Chun singing I Will Always Love You
Video from feralcatnews YouTube channel

Amazing init? A lot of people who auditioned for American Idol didn't even come close to this.

So that was just a random clip I thought I'd share before I finish packing for my flight to KL. Ah yes, work awaits tomorrow. I have declared tomorrow a personal work filing day. Haha. Hopefully I get everything sorted out and come back accomplishing what I went there to do. My colleagues there had requested that I stay a little longer. But honestly, I just hate taking the komuter and the taxis are such an annoyance and a complete con. How did I survive through that while I was there for 4 years you might ask? Simple, I had a car. Haha. My fave mode of transportation on ground. All I had to do was fill up the gas/petrol, give it a wash and send it for servicing every so often. No haggling fares or wasting time waiting for the train to arrive or squeeze myself between odd and freaky commuters *cringe*. This was especially helpful when I'm out shopping. With all the pushing and shoving that comes with getting on the KTM komuter (and LRTs), I've had such a prob with balancing myself while exiting the darn thing. And when I carry a backpack, with my weight, I felt like tipping over backwards while moving forward if you get what I mean. Not cool. Which makes me love my hometown so much more for it's utterly laid back personality. I just wish there were more malls and choices in shopping outlets though. We're so quiet Sephora won't even consider having an outlet here. LOL!

Okies, off to switch bags (just found the bag I wanted to take on this trip instead of squishing all my stuff in a tiny gym bag).

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