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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weird discovery...

Just the other day (yesterday actually) the family spent some time at 1Borneo. Somehow we just love dropping by bookstores, so we spent a considerable amount of time at Harris.

Anyways, while checking out the shelves, my brother picked up a book called "Weird Animals" I believe. And this animal was on the cover:

Initially we thought it was just some random photoshopped photo representing the weirdness of the fauna world. Apparently we were wrong anf the photo was of a legit animal called a 'blobfish'. Imagine that.

Looking closely, the blobfish looks like a disgrutled grumpy old man lazing around with a huge frown (and nose) on his face. According to the book, scientists don't know much about this particular species and the animal is said to eat just about anything that floats by that fits in its mouth.

Reactions from the younger brothers:

Brother #2: "Why does he look like that?" in a tone I'd describe as a mix of surprised, amazed and slightly confused.

Brother #3: "Eeewwww"

Brother #1 was just excited with the find he had to share it with the 2 younger ones. Lol!!!

So there you have it. A random post.

Oh yea. I was on the same flight as the talented Ning Baizura today and she was incredibly cordial and pleasantly nice (yes, yes I'm being redundant). Managed to take a photo with her at the airport before departing. :)

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As you can see, I'm on my phone now and the photo is on my camera. Haha. Anyways, she's real nice (I can't say that enough). My fave song from her is still "Gelora Kita" which was from her debut album way back when. A beautiful duet with Johari Teh. :) I absolutely love that song. Also, heads up, her new album is underway and should be hitting music stores soon.

Now silly me, brought a teeny tiny bag (overnight bag) on my overnight trip. Went into the shops and had to text my dad to lend me another bag. Haha. I usually bring a bigger bag (it expands too) on my trips regardless how short they are. Served me right to leave it behind. Anyways, problem solved. Bought some stuff and I've already done packing. Wee!

Oh no. Just remembered my mascara is still on. Off to clean up and sleep. Long day at work tomorrow. Files, here I come. *insert lack lustered enthusiasm*

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  1. Interesting reaction from Nazim and Jojo felt proud showing that picture of a fish to

  2. I've seen that fish on the net too!! If you look closer it has drool coming out of the corner of it's mouth.
    Nice celeb pic.

  3. Sar: Haha. It is a pretty weird fish tho. Plain weird. Haha.

    Cin: The bookstore was my first encounter with the fish. Haha. I know. It's just the freakiest thing ever. :P Yea. The photo is still in my camera.

    Nessa: Yea. We were already suppose to be boarding the plane and me and my ever ready camera just had to get a snap before getting on the plane. LOL!! Some more fans took photos on the ERL too before leaving KLIA. Hehe.

  4. It does look like a old man!