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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

international shipping can be a pain...

i've found that shopping for items not available in malaysia somewhat more exciting. for one thing, you get extremely good bargains if you know where to look. another is well, you can't get those things here. i particularly love shopping for stuff from the US. mainly make up products. they've got a wider range of drugstore products for brands like maybelline, l'oreal and revlon. for instance, i bought the maybelline full n soft mascara (my fave mascara of all time) while here, it's been discontinued for years. then there's stila which is no longer available in malaysia. loads of bargains out there for this brand too. i bought 3 smudge pots for $18 or less i think.

anyways, as i grow my make up collection, i wanted to add more make up brushes as well. if you're a make up junkie like me, you would prolly have heard of sigma make up brushes and know how much they are comparable to mac brushes. now m.a.c. brushes goes for at least RM100+ a piece so to actually have a collection of m.a.c. brushes would cost a fortune! a basic complete set of 12 brushes from sigma costs $89 with a brush roll or with the current promotion, $99 with brush roll (valued at $20) and an eyeshadow quad (valued at $36).

so, as you can guess, i definitely wanted to get my hands on those brushes. i waited for months before actually placing an order. lo and behold, a month later and still no sight of my packages. they appear to be lost somewhere in the world. isn't that just weird how mail gets lost? i mean, where do lost mail go to? it should at least reach the destination country as it is clearly printed on the package right? i've never had a problem with items shipped via first class international usps mail before. and have received numerous parcels on time. i just don't understand why my sigma brushes just went kapoof! into thin air.

as always, i went on twitter and declared my woes. haha. sigma tweeted back to ask me to e-mail their customer support team. i did. and i will acknowledge that tara has been extremely cordial and helpful. she gave me the customs form number -- which i've never heard of before -- and asked me to try and check with the post office/customs department here. the two entities were of course of no use. they had no idea where my packages are. it was just comforting *insert sarcasm* to hear the lady at customs tell me that's the risk of buying from overseas. so i informed tara and she made arrangements to resend my packages this time via express mail (more reliable). so does this mean i'll be shelling out another $50 for them to ship me my items a 2nd time? *cries silently*

yea. and the usps tracking site is of no use either. it just says it receives information from the sender and that that doesn't confirm they received the parcel from them. wth?!?!

hopefully, the items arrives soon. i've been waiting for them for way too long. *sigh* doing another test of their service on standard international mail. i'm getting a travel set for my purse/bag. anyways, hopefully when i do actually receive my brushes, i'll post up a review of them on my beauty blog yea.

seriously, what's so difficult about tracking packages that they have to charge so much anyway? the labels are paid for by the sender/buyer and all they've got to do is scan a barcode at each location. geez. capitalists.

okies. snoozing off now. work tomorrow.

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