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Friday, April 2, 2010

being a busy bee...

yes, i know it may seem like i've been neglecting my blog somewhat. but being the uber blog-a-holic, i could never stay away from my blogs. so as you can clearly see on my sidebar, i have a total of 5 blogs which are all distinctly different. there is of course this blog which is my personal blog where i basically blog about stuff going on around me, what i've been up to, my emotions, opinions and things like that.

then there's of course my blogshops, Aurora by elixelle and trove by elixelle, which sells new fashion apparel and accessories (coming soon) and pre-loved clothes and accessories respectively. i've been more active with aurora lately compared to trove and it's still in it's baby stages. both will be at the sabahan blogshop flea market at jesselton point tomorrow and that has been taking up my spare time these past couple of weeks.

next is my sewing project which is pretty much my sewing project gallery and fashion related blog. for the time being i haven't had a chance to get into it as i've been concentrating on aurora and blissful belle. i'm really enjoying blogging about beauty, skincare and make up.

if you follow me on twitter (that's where i update most), you would probably know what i've been up to (i.e. aurora and blissful belle and more). so yea. i haven't vacated the blogosphere, merely spread my wings into different things.

so there you go, a quick update and explaination of my blogs. :)

of course, there's my day job that consumes 80% of my day. the thing about working with a company is it all starts out flowers and butterflies but the longer you work, the more the horns and fangs reveal themselves. work becomes more demanding, employees begin to feel underappreciated, colleagues start acting like bosses and become increasingly rigid and uncooperative. kinda kill the mood to give it your all like you use to. so anyways, hopefully moving back to my old office will help ease the increasingly depressing workload on my shoulders. blah!

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