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Friday, April 9, 2010

sigma, blogger and things in between...

if you've been using blogger, you may or may not have noticed a cool new feature to help customize the look and feel of your blogger. currently only available in Blogger in Draft, the Template Designer is definitely a nice new toy to fiddle with.

screenshot from blogger in draft - layout>template designer

so what exactly is the template designer about? well, there are a few pre-made basic templates to choose from (i usually go for the simple template) and then you can choose your colour scheme (customizable) and background image (none, upload own or choose from a wide selection of gorgeous images). for the less familiar with css and sorts, customizing your sidebars and footers are a cinch! just select how you want your page layout to look like and click "apply to blog" and your all set. it's so easy. personally, i love it because i don't have to go hunting for the perfect basic layout to manipulate into the look that i want. of course there'll be a little attribute line at the bottom of your page to acknowledge the creator of the basic template and all that.

screenshot of the new image uploader

also, i don't know if it's just in drafts but the insert image function looks really nice and is super easy to use too. the loading is pretty fast too compared to the old uploader. excellent stuff. plus with the new uploader, you can choose photos/images already uploaded to your picasa web album. sometimes i get clumsy and accidentally clicked the backspace key (ie keyboard shortcut to go to the previous page) and when i edit my post again, the photos just uploaded is no more on the insert image box. which means i have to manually insert the url of each individual image. troublesome, i know. so with this latest feature, i wouldn't have to do that anymore. wee!!

logo courtesy of sigma makeup website

on another matter, i must commend sigma makeup's tara who has been cordial and extremely helpful with my missing shipment problem. she did mention that sometimes it takes a whole lot longer than anticipated for the shipment to arrive when using standard international mail to deliver the brushes. although i didn't have to pay for the cost of the brushes a second time, i did however have to bear the cost of express international mail. after much consideration, i have decided to reduce the items i'd purchase to compensate for the shipping charges. that's 1 extra brush roll and 2 SS239 brushes less than i'd purchased. i suppose i'll just get to those another time. so hopefully, this time around, with a tracking number provided, i will receive my brushes on time. again, thanks tara for the kind assistance and for bearing with me through this ordeal.

haha. the house is still a mess with all my aurora stuff. i really need to clear those up. hopefully i'll get to clear some up before i leave for KL this sunday. *oh dear*

if you don't know by now, i am a shopaholic. i try to work within my budget and hunt for bargains anywhere i can. was so excited to receive my long necklaces which i've been looking forward to. maybe i'll post the photos in another post either on this blog or another but i'll link it here somewhere. haha. and yes, i'm somewhat of a blogaholic as well. OCD? haha. maybe. i like things to be separate i guess. so i don't jumble up everything. plus, different blogs allows me to experiment with different tools and layouts that suits whatever it is the blog is about instead of one big mess of a blog. hehe.

honestly, i don't know how people blog with all these color changes and stuff. i like to write and type and stuff but colors and stuff, i'm not so good at. i can do pictures tho. does that count? ;p

my bestfriend's wedding is in 6 months or so and i haven't even started designing my clothes yet. *cringe* what am i going to do? the beadwork is gonna take awhile too. hurm. guess that means i better get started i suppose. it's highly possible that i'll be going for a pretty simple design and vamp it up with bib necklaces or something. that would be totally awesome. now to design the necklace. colors? fabric? gotta figure out something gorgeous but yet totally flattering and wearable on other occassions as well. no point me making a dress that can only be worn once right? to the drawing board!!!

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