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Monday, April 19, 2010

My Weekend in a Nutshell...

The weekend came and went quickly as always. So I came home Friday after work and immediately cozied up in my bed to get some much needed rest (not that I had a choice, I was exhausted from not getting enough sleep, running around and work in the office). Got up that night, had some dinner and drove myself and my (*cough* minion *cough*) brother to 1Borneo to pick up some stuff at Giant. So I got a couple of shelves for my room because I seriously needed a place to organize my stuff (nothing new here).

Project #1: 4-tiered Shelf

So my first project which I started that night was the 4-tiered Shelf (RM49.99) which is about 4 feet high which I'll be using to store my stock for Aurora. I haven't quite gotten to putting the stocks in place yet so as you can obviously see from the photo, it's all a bunch of junk stuffed in there. Haha. Anyways, if anyone is wondering, those gorgeous window drawer inserts are by Neo Geo and I bought them in Jusco (Midvalley, KL) for I think below RM20 each. These were originally bought for a different shelf but I got the measurements a bit mixed up (OK so I didn't measure the shelf before hand) and used it for this. Now I'm thinking I should get a couple more just to fill up the rest of the shelves. I bought some for another (older) shelf unit (3-tiered) and those were a different pattern and without the window. They are sold in Metrojaya outlets as well but the one in KK seems to be out of stock (since forever!!).

Project #2: 4 Compartment Filing Shelf

The other shelf I bought that night was this 4 compartment filing shelf (RM46.99). I have an identical unit (bought much earlier) on the left side of this wardrobe cupboard. I took out the shelf that came with the cupboard and replace it with this one because it's more sectionalized if that makes any sense. I was going to get a different type of shelf for the right side because this is actually half a centimetre higher than the wardrobe drawers. Anyhow, after much thought and deliberation, I opted for another unit of this type of shelf to fit in here. The assembly for Project #1 was much easier than this one. Haha. Basically for this I had to fix the whole shelf up minus the base and then put the top in under the drawers first and then slid the base in. Both parts are connected with those wooden cylinders (no screws for the base). Speed bump? The back piece kept sliding down when I was getting the top part to connect with the base. Wee! More (and proper) storage for my clothes. Originally, I had this hanging organizer but it was crap and took up much space (not to mention hideous as well). I love how the colours just blend in with the actual wardrobe. *smiles*

Then Saturday rolled in and it started with driver duties and then the post office then home. I can't quite remember what I did in the day time yesterday. Odd. Ah yes, business stuff. Anyways, had dinner at 1Borneo and then dropped by Parkson to see if there was anything useful to help me with my room spring cleaning quest. Was so excited that the search was not in vain.

Project #3: Necklace Hanger

So I have a ton of long necklaces (OK some short ones too) and I used to store them in individual resealable plastic packets which didn't quite cut it for me since these long pendant necklaces (from, Vincci Accessories, Brands Outlet & PARK avenue accessories) tend to get tangled up easily and it's such a waste of time (and nuisance) to get them all in perfect form again. So that afternoon I googled for inspiration and Google sure didn't disappoint. I got the accordian rack pictured above at Parkson for RM4.99 and those stick on metal hooks (didn't want to do any drilling) for RM4.90/pack of 5. And voila! Set it up next to my dressing table and it's all nice and organized and accessible. I still have a bunch of long necklaces stashed in my dresser drawer but those are beaded ones and didn't really mesh with the theme on this hanger. Haha.

Sunday (today) morning I had breakfast with my bestie and her cousins at Wan Wan (yay for Kon Lau Mein with Fish Slices). Didn't get to join them on their outing at Suria Sabah and 1Borneo though. Had other matters to attend to. After my business was done for the day, I went hunting for a computer table for the house. The current one is in such dire state although I like the design. It's just the right design for this space. It's just annoying that every computer table in stores are at least 3 feet wide and the space allocated for the table is just a few inches more than 2 feet. Ugh. The ones that fit wasn't tiered. Where am I supposed to put the printer and modem then? Where are you perfect computer table? Another search that is still on is for clip on lamps. Well, I only need one more since my mum bought one some time ago and I'm using that on one side of my table (I need another one to balance the lighting plus clip ons don't take up a lot of space). The one sold at Parkson was pretty pricey at RM59.90. I think mum bought the one we have for less than RM20 at a discount store. I should've gotten one at the time too *bangs head against virtual wall*.

After a tiring fruitless search, I went home and sorted out some stationeries. Being lazy so I just printed the label and price stickers for Aurora to stick on the back of my clothes tag. So much prettier and quick than me writing it down manually. Gotta be ready for future flea markets and bazaars. Don't have time to rush on these things and get it down at the 11th hour all the time. *winks*

Ah yes, my Sigma Makeup brushes arrived!! Sooo super duper excited!! *beams*

Aren't the brush rolls gorgeous?

I just couldn't stop touching my brushes and sweeping the bristles on my face and eye area. Haha. I've been wanting to get these for a long time and waited for the Premium Kit to come out before placing an order. Was gonna get this as a birthday present for myself last year but postponed. The prices are pretty steep for the average brush user but it's still a lot cheaper than getting MAC brushes. Nothing against MAC brushes but they're just out of my budget at the moment. *fingers crossed my travel kit doesn't get lost in the mail again* I'll probably do a review on these or something on Blissful Belle. Oh yea. Went to MAC with hopes of getting the Color Forecast Blush Ombre in Peach/Pink but they were sold out. Just not my luck I guess. Maybe they'll be on ACW?

On a different note, I revised the prices for selected items on Aurora (reduced prices!) so if you had your eye on something there, go check out if it's one of the lucky items.

Will be getting back to sewing again soon. Need to do the curtains and my table cover (long overdue) plus several other projects. Gotta piece together my outfit design for a few events coming up in the last quarter of the year. Pretty much got at least one outfit completely designed. Something different for me this time. The other 2 or 3 needs some tweaking still. C'mon brain, think. Maybe I'll cut out the pattern first before getting the fabric.

My tummy's upset. Hopefully it'll go away in the morning. Back to work.


  1. Love your newly-arrived brushes..

    I gotta agree with you. M.A.C brushes is way out of budget..Too pricey..:D

  2. Haha. I love them too. Need to clean them first before using them tho. Standard practice. :)

    Can't wait to actually use them. Love!! My new toys. *floating*

    True. MAC brushes are expensive. Sigma is a third their price with comparable quality. They're coming out with new stuff in a few months time which is really exciting. Wee!!

  3. Your blog is pretty! great necklace hook idea!

    come check out and follow my fashion blog!

  4. Hi Vanessa and Denise!

    Thanks for the compliment and dropping my blog. :)

    Thanks for the link as well. I'll check your blog out in a bit yea.