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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Befalls one soul, be lost one heart...

Once whole has now been halved
Once full is now left famished
Once beats with glee
Now thumps with sorrow

Only one will know
And only one will forever stay silent
For the only soul is weeping
And no one can know or hear her cry

If only there were a glimmer
Of things that had past
A spark of hope and comfort
From the one who is no more

Alas that road has ended
The path yet to be treaded
Vast and wide the possibilities
To anywhere and nowhere

All choices have no certainty
All pieces yet to be found
Stumbling, fear and helplessness
Yet only one will ever know

No light at the end of the tunnel
No clouds with silver lining
No waves in the ocean
No more means to be

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  1. Love this poem, very poignant. Nice one!

  2. :) Thanks. It's been awhile since I've done any poetry writing. Used to pen a bunch while I was still in school.